This year with a 10 year old …


I sit here two days after Halloween across from our 10 year old daughter.  She thanks us for her switch witch gifts.  Both her sister and I remind her that the switch witch left them, not us, then she winks.  She winks.  Have we reached the age that all things magical have hit a wall of reality?  I dare not ask about her wink especially in front of her younger sister.  Do I want the magic gone, definitely not!

My husband and I have maintained the magic for quite a few holidays and days in our family.  Around the age of 3 we added the birthday balloon fairy as a way to keep our then 3 year old in her big girl bed all night most especially on her birthday eve.  This tradition continues for both she and her sister and when we moved a few years ago around our older daughter’s birthday the fairy stepped it up and not only left balloons but covered her door with hanging streamers!

The tooth fairy has wobbled in and out of reality this year with our 10 year old. Thankfully she doesn’t say too much in front of her younger sister.

The elf on the shelf has been a major hit in our home since his arrival 5 years ago.  The enthusiasm every morning starting on Black Friday to find him in and around our house in different activities still runs high.  But will it be this year?

Santa, now that’s one I hope the magic continues.  A tradition that I grew up with having unwrapped Santa gifts come on Christmas Eve while our girls sleep is one I was thrilled to pass on.  But I wonder with the question of the switch witch will this year be different?

When your older child saw through the magic and into reality how did you handle this grown up change?




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I'm a mid-life mom living through menopausal symptoms, raising two pre-adolescent girls and trying to get by. Please send coffee in the morning and wine or whiskey in the evening!
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1 Response to This year with a 10 year old …

  1. Rhonda says:

    I grew up with 2 younger sisters, one 3yrs younger the other 13yrs younger – my parents kept the magic alive so that us older girls wouldn’t spoil it for the little one.
    We also made sure we still had family time – sitting together for dinner, making time to do things together – walks, holidays, movies etc – all of which you already do!!

    My husband has a sister 10 years younger and remembers taking talc and stepping in his fathers shoes out of his sisters room to look like Santa had visited!

    Last year my now 9 year old found the stash of unwrapped presents – thankfully mostly her brothers – I had to sit her down and ask that she keep the magic for her 6yr old brother. I was able to salvage the situation by wrapping and hiding the presents in the attic – I then ran excitedly to fetch my daughter and loved her re-belief in magic as I showed her my shock at all the presents being gone – santa must have taken them back to wrap and deliver!! Hope I can keep it going this year!

    The Christmas holidays are one of my favorite times of the year – I love the Elf on the Shelf – and even before kids – I always left my mince pie, glass of sherry for Santa and carrot for rudolf. Just like magic – they were gone by Christmas morning…. so who says the magic isn’t real??

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