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I'm a mid-life mom living through menopausal symptoms, raising two pre-adolescent girls and trying to get by. Please send coffee in the morning and wine or whiskey in the evening!

We made it through 6th grade!

While I understand the last day of school is not a regular day of instruction, I was disappointed to learn that the PE teacher had her students use their phones for entertainment for her period of time. For students in … Continue reading

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Women’s March 2017

In the suburb of Walnut Creek, California it is estimated 15,000 showed up, much to the surprise of the organizers who were hoping for 400! A big thank you to the Walnut Creek PD who helped close streets for the … Continue reading

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It was a simple request

After soccer games, after taking down all the Halloween decorations, I made what I thought was a simple request to my daughters. Please go clean up your rooms. You would have thought from the feet stomping and screeching that I … Continue reading

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The year about me

I’ve spent a lot of energy not being in pictures with my girls. Now that I’ve been taking care of myself I still hesitate, but then I see this, me and them! And in me I see results of my … Continue reading

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A lesson in politics in this election year

Our older daughter has been following the presidential election all the way back to the primaries and the many candidates who threw their hat into the ring for the 2016 election. She has her own chromebook (with limited access to all … Continue reading

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This year with a 10 year old …

I sit here two days after Halloween across from our 10 year old daughter.  She thanks us for her switch witch gifts.  Both her sister and I remind her that the switch witch left them, not us, then she winks. … Continue reading

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2016 #NaBloPoMo

SO yes it is November 1, and yes I haven’t written much! AND yes I’ve joined up on #BlogHer to write for the month of November as part of #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I’ve participated in years past with … Continue reading

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Menopause by the pill

  Was I going crazy? Were the feels real, crying at a commercial not helping myself but scream at my kids? Yet other days seemed calmer, what was going on?? I got to a point in my life that my … Continue reading

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Hello world!

So here I am, on the verge of turning 53 and in the midst of raising two girls ages 10 and 8. I wanted to find a place to share the journey I am on as a mom and as … Continue reading

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