We made it through 6th grade!

While I understand the last day of school is not a regular day of instruction, I was disappointed to learn that the PE teacher had her students use their phones for entertainment for her period of time.
For students in middle school especially 6th graders, it is all about finding out more about who are you at 11 or 12 years of age and how do you fit in?
Why am I writing? Not every 6th grader has a smart phone, and that decision by the teacher was a good way to make those feel left out and different. I realize the day was shortened due to early release. I think in PE there could have been a better use of time.
What’s done is done but I do think we need to be careful not to create any more differences between students then there already are.

Food for thought.

#wehaveamiddleschooler #summerbreak2018


About Mommysquared

I'm a mid-life mom living through menopausal symptoms, raising two pre-adolescent girls and trying to get by. Please send coffee in the morning and wine or whiskey in the evening!
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